The empty warehouse

Just the other week, when the weather got better, I went back to my cycling. I was wandering about to find some locations for my shooting, and particularly I wanted to check out one place I have been tipped about. It was an empty warehouse nearby; I cycled all around it to find a way in. I spotted a window which was forced open; probably homeless/drunkers used the place winter time. Now I have decided to have a use of it.

I was so excited about my discovery that just the first weekend I called two of my friends who are always ready for adventure. It was not too far from it, as apart of being scared by plenty of birds and some guys who had their workout there wearing all black and were robbery-looking, the police and fire service cleared the place literally a few minutes after we had left. Hopefully they did not blind my window off again as I so want to come back there!


A Wee bit of Edinburgh

I spend last week on a congress in Edinburgh, and although I did not have too much time for sightseeing, I have managed to take some shoots of hidden courtyards….

… visit cemetery which was full of inspirations for J. K. Rowling …

…and experience unusually mystical fog one evening. I loved that part the most!

3rd place in Newsweek photojournalism competition for “Protest”!

At the beginning of this year I have taken part in a photojournalism competition of a Polish edition of Newsweek. Although Newsweek lost in my eyes a lot, as they cancelled the competition half way through at first, run it again at later time without informing us of it changing the rules of the competition, then, failed to publish the results on time, and at last, they changed how the winners were chosen, I have eventually been awarded a 3rd place in my category, which was “events in 2011”. I won a watch, but to be honest, this 3rd place is what I am proud of the most, even though of all of this mess!

Below you can see my winning photos; the entry was presenting August’s protest of Catalonians’ against constitutional changes in Spain, which were eventually approved by the Government on 7th September 2011. Spanish, and here, Barcelonians’ were protesting for bonding referendum.

Styling project – ‘Fashion in Motion’

The other week a friend of mine had to do a make over of someone as her university project. Hollie offered that she can be a model, though she has never done it before; I suggested that I can shoot the result. Hollie was a bit nervous but all the same time excited! We had so much fun!

Try me!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have never been much to blogging before, neither to updating my facebook status religiously. However I have always been into writing, and for some time now, to photography. I am full of funny stories from my travels and recipes from around the world. This blog sounds like great way to share all of that with you!

Check me up in the next few days, as I am going to post some photos I shoot of Hollie the other day; cannot wait to hear what you think!

…and this is me…just so you know, how I look!