The empty warehouse

Just the other week, when the weather got better, I went back to my cycling. I was wandering about to find some locations for my shooting, and particularly I wanted to check out one place I have been tipped about. It was an empty warehouse nearby; I cycled all around it to find a way in. I spotted a window which was forced open; probably homeless/drunkers used the place winter time. Now I have decided to have a use of it.

I was so excited about my discovery that just the first weekend I called two of my friends who are always ready for adventure. It was not too far from it, as apart of being scared by plenty of birds and some guys who had their workout there wearing all black and were robbery-looking, the police and fire service cleared the place literally a few minutes after we had left. Hopefully they did not blind my window off again as I so want to come back there!

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