Photos as personalised presents

Before I started appreciating a good quality photography, I never thought of photos as presents. Don’t get me wrong – I always liked photography, it was just the way I was brought up. I had only a point and shoot KODAK Cameo Motor EX film Camera; although it did shoot nice holiday pictures, film and development especially were beyond my mums budget, and I was eight – long before I started getting my first pocket money. The camera itself was fully automated, so I never knew what an aperture was, or shutter speed, and I never knew why I was buying a 200 film (only recently I realised that it was my ISO…). My mother would rather discourage me from taking my photos, keeping remaining shoots (film frames) for special occasions only. Photography was an exclusive expenditure not valued enough by her to give me photo presents. Also, because of her lack of admiration to my passion, I neither did give photo presents to her.

Now I have got a DSLR, and photography became cheaper. After I bought my mum her own digital point and shoot, she started taking photos herself. However even now after I send her a printed photo book with photos from our last year’s trip to Paris, I have a feeling that she would have liked something else much more.

Some of you think differently though, which helped me to believe in emotional value of my work. It started when a friend of mine asked me last November to help her with a present for her fiancé –  she wanted to give him a calendar with her portraits. So we shoot studio, location, and boudoir. I treated the project really personally, the more as the couple are my good friends (and I am going to shoot their wedding in June!).

The story helped me to realise that photography is a good way of giving something personal to the loved ones which shows that you have put thought and energy in it. Photos capture memories, and posing to a professional photographer is fun and gives you a nice experience!

10 thoughts on “Photos as personalised presents

  1. Very nice series Eva. I love the energy and range of your photo’s from BW to portraiture , nicely done.

    • Hi, thanks! I appreciate it especially as I still find it difficult to pose people differently to get this variety. I am looking forward to exploring your web site as street photography is something I really love, especially in NY!

      • Thank you Eva. Question, were those selfies? If they were even doubly impressed.
        I look forward to more of your photographs.

      • Oh, no, they were not selfies. Those are the shoots I took of my friend I mentioned in post; maybe should have specified it more clearly;)

    • Thanks! I am looking forward to do more projects like this one:) Hope that after this post more friends will ask me about it:) It is also a great way to practice!

  2. I made this kind of gift only once, it was about 2 years ago. The moment I received it in the shop and the look I was given by the customer assistant discouraged me enough from trying it ever after.
    By the way, I really like your way of writing. Do it more often, please!

    • Oh no, what a shame:( some people can be so judgemental:/ A way to avoid it is to order your photo books on line, unless you’ve got noisy neighbours and they sniff through your mail;)

      I will definitely try to write more; I’ve just started this blog and I’m warming up;) I’ve got some stories to share about my journeys, stay tuned:)

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