Video as a new black

“Video is a new black” as said Sue Bryce, and I happen to agree with that statement especially because I am mesmerised by videography of my life and business partner, Pawel.

Before Pawel showed me how video can be incorporated in our daily lives as our photography can be, I thought of video in terms of youtube – bad quality, shaken, boring films, with no editing whatsoever. The high-end videos seemed unapproachable and impossible to achieve – at least for regular people. So here is a thing: you will not be able to shoot a good quality film with your moblie, as much as you will not be able to shoot good quality images with it either. However your local photographer might have it in her offer, as we do!

Therefore if you fancy a great and unique wedding invitation, or an exciting film from your wedding day, a recording of your children’s football match, or you have a business on your own and you would benefit from an ad you can post on your web-site, contact us! You can find all the contact details in an “About” tab.

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