Aberdeen University China expedition

For almost whole last year I have been working on my final year university research of a team of four. We had our ups and downs with the preparations, filling in the limitless forms, sending e-mails trying to organize research itself and the funding. Our preparation is finally coming to an end with the departure scheduled for next Tuesday! 


The research itself will observe and compare living conditions and the disparity of wealth in several major cities in China and Hong Kong in 2012. We will research redistribution of welfare focusing especially on disparity between rich and poor and also between native and foreign habitants.

Each of the places we are planning on visiting has its own specifics, therefore in Guangzhou, which is a Mecca of Chinese manufactures, we will see into lives of migrant workers and rich businessmen, in Beijing we will juxtapose conditions of Hutongs with new apartments blocks, in Wuhan we will look into lives of people in a rapidly developing city, while Hong Kong would be an area where we would focus on comparing living conditions of British and American inhabitants with Pilipino migration, native Cantonese dwellers and migrants from mainland China. Finally, Shanghai will show us a modern city where Chinese expect their dreams to come true.

While doing our observations we will take into consideration the free market within China and how it is affecting its development and see how the capitalistic market can operate in communist country in real life. At the same time we will take note of Communist ideology which is present in daily life of Chinese people.

Although we are so close to our departure, we still need more finantial contribution, therefore if you would like to donate to fund our research expedition please follow the link below to make a paypal payment. We are grateful to be partially funded by the University of Aberdeen and seek further contributors or sponsors.
If you have more questions about the research itself, please contact me on evasanguinephoto@gmail.com
Also, at the end of this research, you can expect many photographs, which are going to document our findings and werabouts in HK and China.