Your local radio voice

Lidia Konar is a radio presenter at Polish Breakfast Show, on air every Saturday morning at SHMU FM. Lidia joined Breakfast in 2011 run at the time by Sebastian Liszka and myself, with help of another volunteer, Jakub Ochmanski. However her radio adventure did not start just then; Lidia was already a presenter of “Polish sounds.Taste it” at ME-FM since 2010, and before getting involved at ” Polish Breakfast” she helped with another show at SHMU, ‘The Breakfast Show’. Lidia studies Media at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, what helps her with theoretical background of work in Station House Media Unit. She also writes with a few publications in her portfolio already.

Lidia is a very active person. As long as I have known her, she always managed to combine study, work, a couple of volunteering positions and personal passions. She is genuine, open, and would never turn down a friend in need.

I have decided to show you her pictures as a beginning of a series “People” on my blog. I want to introduce you to great people with great causes, who are as beautiful outside, as they are inside.

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