Halloween make up

Commercialization of all the possible holidays in our calendar, starting with Valentine’s Day and finishing with Christmas, makes us run around High Street to buy adequate clothing, costumes and gadgets. Endless number of all those events makes us spend loads of money on unnecessary stuff we are going to use only once.

Halloween though is one of those days when you can use up tacky stuff you have got in your drawers, cut it up, dye black, saw together, and you will still look in the place in the most ridiculous outcome. Make up is an important part of Halloween look, and you can do it with the dark eye shadows and black eye liner you normally use when going out.

I applied Halloween make up to two models, using a blend of a few dark eye shadows and a black pencil. Blending brush might be an advantage but is not a must. Good luck and have fun!



5 thoughts on “Halloween make up

  1. I can see that you were certainly inspired by misschevious.tv or her youtube channel and I think you should mention this in you blog 🙂

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately I don’t know who misschevious is and never watched any of her youtube videos. It is possible though that I was inspired by her without me knowing of it, as I looked at a good number of Halloween make ups through Google search. I never saved any of those links though, and I never even went to actual source of the images. It might be bit ignorant, but that’s how I worked. In general I watch a multiple of images from different sources and media, and you never know when and how you are going to be influenced and inspired by them, and when you will use those inspirations. Sometimes you see a poster on a street, or a painting on a wall, and it comes back to you through your work, but you would never be able to tell how it all started. I guess that many artists would agree. Sorry though, and if my source is whom you say it it, it’s good that you wrote it!

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