Aberdeen winter portrait photography

If you are from Aberdeen, you know that our winter is kinda ugly. It lacks Scandinavian beautiful soft snow and the rain makes sure you want to stay in bed all day. The wind seems to be getting into smallest slits and gives impression that it is much colder than the thermometer shows. However if you actually make an effort to get out there, you can notice that the sun has a nice coldish glow, high waves are foaming in an impressive way (provided that the wind haven’t blown you off the beach;) ), and it is not bad at all. Apart of my fingers freezing to my camera…;)

Big thank you to Paula for her stamina. She booked her session with me when the weather in Aberdeen improved for the winter and despite that the morning of the shoot it snowed she still decided to go ahead with our plans.

_DSC3310 _DSC3317 _DSC3355 _DSC3362 _DSC3364 _DSC3388 _DSC3395 _DSC3460 _DSC3505 _DSC3576 _DSC3589 _DSC3608 _DSC3649

9 thoughts on “Aberdeen winter portrait photography

      • I’m sure there are still opportunities, however, the inside of a cafe is preferable right now. I’ll play the waiting game for some kinder weather to come. There’ll always be people to photograph. Greetings to you!

      • True that.
        I’ve seen some of your photos and especially admire your ability to ask strangers to pose for you; never had those kind of guts:/ I should make it my New Year’s resolution:) any tips of how could I go around it?

      • It’s a good way to keep in touch with people. We used to think nothing of asking a stranger for directions, but now we ask Google! 🙂

      • Good point. However 90’s generation missed that altogether plus they always listen to music on the streets and I am sometimes left without an answer as they do not hear me;) Information technology left us in social awkwardness;)

      • Unplug them before asking as they are the generation most likely to agree to a photo. Sign language can be useful 🙂

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