It’s a baby boy!

Ula came in for her pregnancy photoshoot in April.  She came back this time to take some photographs of her baby boy.  He was the cutest!  Surprisingly, although he was just over 2 weeks old, he wouldn’t sleep at all, that’s why we don’t have any dreaming baby photos;)  He behaved well, his mum was surprised how little he cried while we changed him from position to position, look for yourself!_DSC7676 _DSC7325 _DSC7322 _DSC7302 _DSC7270 f _DSC7356 _DSC7757 _DSC7751 _DSC7735 _DSC7711 l


Duthie Park

One of my friends noticed that I do not post landscapes or nature photography, and asked me whether I shoot only people.  It actually surprised me a bit, as I travel a lot, and usually take so many photographs of places, that I don’t even have the time to edit them all;)  True that, I hardly ever share my personal travel photography.  I have decided to change that over next few weeks and share with you photos I took on my trips to China, Morocco, and other exotic places.  For now I will bring my surroundings a little bit closer to you, and show you how Aberdeen and Scotland look through my eyes. duthie 1 duthie 2 duthie 6 duthie 5 duthie 3 duthie 4