Amber’s 2nd birthday!

In the era of affordable digital cameras, smartphones and what not professional photography services are often forgotten and used pretty much only around weddings and engagement sessions.  However when you have a little lively child like Amber who runs from one place to another within nanoseconds, your photos are showing only some blurred action.  Thus Amber’s mum, Sylvia, desperate to have some souvenirs of her daughter in her fun age, decided to call me up and arrange for a mini session for Amber’s second birthday.

Amber was sure a challenge, and all three of us (Amber’s parents and I) had dizzy heads from constant spinning and were breathless from running, but it was sure worth it!  The session resulted in many beautiful photos, and I had a dilemma in choosing the cutest for editing and posting!

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It’s a baby boy!

Ula came in for her pregnancy photoshoot in April.  She came back this time to take some photographs of her baby boy.  He was the cutest!  Surprisingly, although he was just over 2 weeks old, he wouldn’t sleep at all, that’s why we don’t have any dreaming baby photos;)  He behaved well, his mum was surprised how little he cried while we changed him from position to position, look for yourself!_DSC7676 _DSC7325 _DSC7322 _DSC7302 _DSC7270 f _DSC7356 _DSC7757 _DSC7751 _DSC7735 _DSC7711 l

Little Claire ♥

Today I am presenting little Claire, who is almost two and a half!  She was so lovely!  And I adored her so much when she was sticking out her little tongue!  She must be upset though, because she left some of her toys behind;)  Her mum and I must meet soon, so she could play with them again:) children photography 3 children photography children photography 5 children photography 2 children photography 4 children photography 6