Tough Mudder Dalkeith 2014

A few months ago I have upgraded my camera to Nikon D800.  It is not that I was unhappy with my D700 and that it deserved to be disposed of just yet, but a small accident involving a bottle of water and my camera together in my handbag made the decision that much…quicker.  Previously I have been using my partner’s Canons for filming, or flirting with the idea of getting a camcorder on my own, but D800 solved all those dilemmas (#firstworldproblems).

The first opportunity to use my new shiny DSLR for film making arouse at the Tough Mudder Dalkeith 2014 event .  A bunch of my friends participated and I was running along the lines with them, climbing the bins and and what not to get the best shots.  I also totally deserved that T-shirt that they got me in the end, as I gave them the last of my water and waited for them for 3h (sic!) in full sun eventually ending up with a heat stroke.  It sure was fun (apart of the waiting bit 😉 ), the video not so good, but hey, it was all for a good cause!

Although the video might not be as funny for you as it is for me because you do not know the people involved, but maybe it will encourage you (…or not) to take part in next year’s Tough Mudder fundraising.  I sure will be there filming again!


Thailand travel video by Pawel Kuncewicz

In my previous post you had a chance to see photographs I took while travelling around Thailand trying to capture beautiful places, emotions and atmosphere of this amazing country; however I realised that I have never shared with you the video my partner took from our great trip.  I featured Pawel’s work on this blog before, but this short movie is more personal, and you might even catch a glimpse of me wearing my camera around my neck!   Happy watching!

Video as a new black

“Video is a new black” as said Sue Bryce, and I happen to agree with that statement especially because I am mesmerised by videography of my life and business partner, Pawel.

Before Pawel showed me how video can be incorporated in our daily lives as our photography can be, I thought of video in terms of youtube – bad quality, shaken, boring films, with no editing whatsoever. The high-end videos seemed unapproachable and impossible to achieve – at least for regular people. So here is a thing: you will not be able to shoot a good quality film with your moblie, as much as you will not be able to shoot good quality images with it either. However your local photographer might have it in her offer, as we do!

Therefore if you fancy a great and unique wedding invitation, or an exciting film from your wedding day, a recording of your children’s football match, or you have a business on your own and you would benefit from an ad you can post on your web-site, contact us! You can find all the contact details in an “About” tab.

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