Katarzyna + Andrew

Today I would like to share with you a small selection of photos from Katarzyna and Andrew’s wedding from last August.  They had a small ceremony at Aberdeen’s iconic Marischal College building, followed by very intimate dinner at Marcliffe Hotel.

Although  it was raining all week prior to the wedding and a bit on the day, we have been lucky enough to take a few outdoor snaps during sunny intervals.  Many brides dread that bad weather will spoil their beautiful day, but we made the best out of it as the rainy glow added to the intensity of colors which look absolutely amazing!

Using this opportunity I would like to wish all the best to the newly-wed couple!

Mr&Mrs Morrell-3 Mr&Mrs Morrell-33 Mr&Mrs Morrell-34 Mr&Mrs Morrell-45 Mr&Mrs Morrell-47 Mr&Mrs Morrell-56 Mr&Mrs Morrell-59 Mr&Mrs Morrell-70 Mr&Mrs Morrell-76 Mr&Mrs Morrell-80



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A fun fun wedding!

Aleksandra and Grzegorz are a fun couple, and when we talked their wedding, they did not want cliche, posed photographs, but candid photographs during the ceremony and something joyful and crazy for their wedding session.  Therefore I dressed them in leathers and hats and shoot them at the graffiti background. Aleksandra also always dreamed about a beach wedding, and although Aberdeen’s weather is not exactly suited for it, we went down the Beach Esplanade to take a few shoots she could stick to her weeding album.  We had so much laugh making funny faces and jumping around! All the best you two! EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-21 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-42 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-76 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-83 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-107 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-134 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-147 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-160 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-174 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-165

Amber’s 2nd birthday!

In the era of affordable digital cameras, smartphones and what not professional photography services are often forgotten and used pretty much only around weddings and engagement sessions.  However when you have a little lively child like Amber who runs from one place to another within nanoseconds, your photos are showing only some blurred action.  Thus Amber’s mum, Sylvia, desperate to have some souvenirs of her daughter in her fun age, decided to call me up and arrange for a mini session for Amber’s second birthday.

Amber was sure a challenge, and all three of us (Amber’s parents and I) had dizzy heads from constant spinning and were breathless from running, but it was sure worth it!  The session resulted in many beautiful photos, and I had a dilemma in choosing the cutest for editing and posting!

EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-1 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-5 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-16 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-22 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-34 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-36 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-40 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-45 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-52 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-54 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-62 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-65 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-68 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-75 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-76 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-88-2EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-72

Joanna and Bartek’s wedding

Weddings are magical and special. Two people who are getting married feel the mixture of happiness and excitement and are a bit anxious whether everything is going to work as planned. And then there is an expression on the face of the other half when the young couple first see one another on the wedding day, and they know that whatever happens, nothing is going to spoil them their time.

Today I am sharing with you photos from the wedding which was super special for me personally, as that was a wedding of two of my good friends. You might remember Joanna from the time when she was preparing a photo calendar for her fiance last year. Today you are going to see her in a beautiful white dress, besides her husband.

wedding 1 wedding 2 wedding 3wedding 4 wedding 5 wedding 6 wedding 7 wedding 8 wedding 9 wedding 10 wedding 11 wedding 12 wedding 13 wedding 14

Family Wedding

Exactly a year ago my younger cousin got married to the love of her life. Today is their 1st anniversary, and I am telling you, they are so happy! They have a small boy now, just a few weeks old. I still have not seen the little one, but when I do I will probably not take my camera off him!

To celebrate their 1st anniversary I am sharing a few photos with you. My cousin never wanted me to be their photographer for she wanted me to fully enjoy the family reunion. However I still managed to steal some shots of the young couple. So here they are:

Video as a new black

“Video is a new black” as said Sue Bryce, and I happen to agree with that statement especially because I am mesmerised by videography of my life and business partner, Pawel.

Before Pawel showed me how video can be incorporated in our daily lives as our photography can be, I thought of video in terms of youtube – bad quality, shaken, boring films, with no editing whatsoever. The high-end videos seemed unapproachable and impossible to achieve – at least for regular people. So here is a thing: you will not be able to shoot a good quality film with your moblie, as much as you will not be able to shoot good quality images with it either. However your local photographer might have it in her offer, as we do!

Therefore if you fancy a great and unique wedding invitation, or an exciting film from your wedding day, a recording of your children’s football match, or you have a business on your own and you would benefit from an ad you can post on your web-site, contact us! You can find all the contact details in an “About” tab.

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A wedding on Friday, 13th

It happened that my last wedding shoot was dated on Friday, 13th. Some of you would dread that date, especially for a wedding day! So you would be surprised that I never realised of the superstitious meaning of that day only after I came back home and checked the news. If you still wonder, whether I had any bad luck, I must disappoint you – it all went smooth, and I have nothing to blame on Friday 13th. The couple and their guests were lovely and fun, I had so much laugh with them! I wish them all the best!

Today, to respect the privacy of the Newly Weds, I will only share with you the room of the Malmaison Hotel where the wedding had a place.