Tough Mudder Dalkeith 2014

A few months ago I have upgraded my camera to Nikon D800.  It is not that I was unhappy with my D700 and that it deserved to be disposed of just yet, but a small accident involving a bottle of water and my camera together in my handbag made the decision that much…quicker.  Previously I have been using my partner’s Canons for filming, or flirting with the idea of getting a camcorder on my own, but D800 solved all those dilemmas (#firstworldproblems).

The first opportunity to use my new shiny DSLR for film making arouse at the Tough Mudder Dalkeith 2014 event .  A bunch of my friends participated and I was running along the lines with them, climbing the bins and and what not to get the best shots.  I also totally deserved that T-shirt that they got me in the end, as I gave them the last of my water and waited for them for 3h (sic!) in full sun eventually ending up with a heat stroke.  It sure was fun (apart of the waiting bit 😉 ), the video not so good, but hey, it was all for a good cause!

Although the video might not be as funny for you as it is for me because you do not know the people involved, but maybe it will encourage you (…or not) to take part in next year’s Tough Mudder fundraising.  I sure will be there filming again!


And the winner is…Jeanna Sally!

Today I announced the winner of my Eva Sanguine Photography Valentine’s Day competition! Jeanna Sally got the biggest number of likes on my Facebook page, being well ahead of other contestants!

However to appreciate the involvement of other contestants too, I decided to issue them with a 20% discount on any Eva Sanguine Photography product on their next booking.

Using this opportunity I would like to wish all the fans of Eva Sanguine Photography loads of love all year round!

Love you all,



Stay tuned to hear about future competitions!



Win a couple’s photo session for Valentine’s Day!

If you want to give your loved one an original present for Valentine’s Day, enter the competition to win Eva Sanguine Photography Couple Session. The results will be announced on February, 14th, as a marvelous finish to this beautiful day!

Here’s what I need you to do:

  1. Go to my Eva Sanguine Photography fanpage on Facebook, and hit the “like” button, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Post on my page why you would like to win a couple’s session with Eva Sanguine Photography, and tag you loved one and yourself in your post.
  3. Give a shout to your friends to like your story, as a post with most likes will be a winner!

It is that simple!

Just remember: only the votes placed until February, 13th, 23:59 hours will count. Your winning voucher entitles you to a session booked up to May, 15th and is not transferable. Also, you have to be at least 18 years old, and be available for a photo shoot in Aberdeen area, Scotland.

Good Luck!