Katarzyna + Andrew

Today I would like to share with you a small selection of photos from Katarzyna and Andrew’s wedding from last August.  They had a small ceremony at Aberdeen’s iconic Marischal College building, followed by very intimate dinner at Marcliffe Hotel.

Although  it was raining all week prior to the wedding and a bit on the day, we have been lucky enough to take a few outdoor snaps during sunny intervals.  Many brides dread that bad weather will spoil their beautiful day, but we made the best out of it as the rainy glow added to the intensity of colors which look absolutely amazing!

Using this opportunity I would like to wish all the best to the newly-wed couple!

Mr&Mrs Morrell-3 Mr&Mrs Morrell-33 Mr&Mrs Morrell-34 Mr&Mrs Morrell-45 Mr&Mrs Morrell-47 Mr&Mrs Morrell-56 Mr&Mrs Morrell-59 Mr&Mrs Morrell-70 Mr&Mrs Morrell-76 Mr&Mrs Morrell-80



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A fun fun wedding!

Aleksandra and Grzegorz are a fun couple, and when we talked their wedding, they did not want cliche, posed photographs, but candid photographs during the ceremony and something joyful and crazy for their wedding session.  Therefore I dressed them in leathers and hats and shoot them at the graffiti background. Aleksandra also always dreamed about a beach wedding, and although Aberdeen’s weather is not exactly suited for it, we went down the Beach Esplanade to take a few shoots she could stick to her weeding album.  We had so much laugh making funny faces and jumping around! All the best you two! EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-21 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-42 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-76 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-83 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-107 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-134 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-147 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-160 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-174 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-165

Waiting to be found or Message in the bottle ♥

Today I present a themed couple’s shoot.  The idea behind was to show a little story how the two hearts met.

In the fiction world, one lost soul would write a note, lock it in the bottle, and gave it to the fate of the sea.  The right person would find the note, rescue the lonely heart, and everyone would live happily ever after.

Reality does not have to be that far off – it is just using different means…The message is sent electronically, and later the two people meet on a dry land.

The message in the bottle became a universal symbol of longines, willingness to be found by the right person, and hope.

The two you see on my pictures found themselves on time, so wish them good luck!

_DSC0913 _DSC1235-2 _DSC1213 _DSC0946 _DSC0929 _DSC0936 _DSC0952 _DSC1004 _DSC1011 _DSC1029 _DSC1034 _DSC1133 _DSC1121 _DSC1295

Making of…

Today you will not see my work, today you will see how I look like…and here’s how it happened:

Photography can be a difficult skill to master, and today’s cameras are really confusing to use.  Modern DSLRs have many dials and settings, and finding a model to photograph is not so easy as some would imagine. Thus a lot of the times I am approached by many of you to help you with your cameras or take you as a second shooter for a session with a client.  As much as I was inclined to do it, I have decided to coach one of my friends to shoot my boyfriend and myself, as I recently mentioned that we do not have too many photos together.  Three of us packed our cameras and lamps, and we went out on the first sunny but still cold Aberdonian afternoon to try a few things out.  It was really wired to be on the other side of the camera!

A first few photos are a courtesy of my partner, showing how I work closely with Michal. Michal will assist me at Intersoc International Ball 2013. Below you will be able to see Michal’s results, and my partner’s devotion to make things happen for us!


By Pawel:

Making of...2 Making of... Making of...4 Making of...6 Making of...5 Making of...7 Making of...3

Eva Sanguine

By Michal:Making of...10 Making of...9 Making of...8

My Love

Sometimes in the pursuit of customers and business plans we forget to photograph our close ones and document time spent with them.  Also, usually on the other side of the camera, we hardly ever are on the pictures ourselves.  Today I have decided to change the first part of the equation and take a few shoots of my partner.  Maybe sometime soon I will be lucky enough to be photographed myself, or even altogether with him;)  Fingers crossed! Man (Custom) bokeh (Custom) face (Custom) moody (Custom) fashion (Custom) rough (Custom) emo (Custom)

And the winner is…Jeanna Sally!

Today I announced the winner of my Eva Sanguine Photography Valentine’s Day competition! Jeanna Sally got the biggest number of likes on my Facebook page, being well ahead of other contestants!

However to appreciate the involvement of other contestants too, I decided to issue them with a 20% discount on any Eva Sanguine Photography product on their next booking.

Using this opportunity I would like to wish all the fans of Eva Sanguine Photography loads of love all year round!

Love you all,



Stay tuned to hear about future competitions!



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Good Luck!