Amber’s 2nd birthday!

In the era of affordable digital cameras, smartphones and what not professional photography services are often forgotten and used pretty much only around weddings and engagement sessions.  However when you have a little lively child like Amber who runs from one place to another within nanoseconds, your photos are showing only some blurred action.  Thus Amber’s mum, Sylvia, desperate to have some souvenirs of her daughter in her fun age, decided to call me up and arrange for a mini session for Amber’s second birthday.

Amber was sure a challenge, and all three of us (Amber’s parents and I) had dizzy heads from constant spinning and were breathless from running, but it was sure worth it!  The session resulted in many beautiful photos, and I had a dilemma in choosing the cutest for editing and posting!

EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-1 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-5 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-16 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-22 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-34 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-36 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-40 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-45 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-52 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-54 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-62 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-65 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-68 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-75 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-76 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-88-2EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-72


Little Claire ♥

Today I am presenting little Claire, who is almost two and a half!  She was so lovely!  And I adored her so much when she was sticking out her little tongue!  She must be upset though, because she left some of her toys behind;)  Her mum and I must meet soon, so she could play with them again:) children photography 3 children photography children photography 5 children photography 2 children photography 4 children photography 6

Making of…

Today you will not see my work, today you will see how I look like…and here’s how it happened:

Photography can be a difficult skill to master, and today’s cameras are really confusing to use.  Modern DSLRs have many dials and settings, and finding a model to photograph is not so easy as some would imagine. Thus a lot of the times I am approached by many of you to help you with your cameras or take you as a second shooter for a session with a client.  As much as I was inclined to do it, I have decided to coach one of my friends to shoot my boyfriend and myself, as I recently mentioned that we do not have too many photos together.  Three of us packed our cameras and lamps, and we went out on the first sunny but still cold Aberdonian afternoon to try a few things out.  It was really wired to be on the other side of the camera!

A first few photos are a courtesy of my partner, showing how I work closely with Michal. Michal will assist me at Intersoc International Ball 2013. Below you will be able to see Michal’s results, and my partner’s devotion to make things happen for us!


By Pawel:

Making of...2 Making of... Making of...4 Making of...6 Making of...5 Making of...7 Making of...3

Eva Sanguine

By Michal:Making of...10 Making of...9 Making of...8

My Love

Sometimes in the pursuit of customers and business plans we forget to photograph our close ones and document time spent with them.  Also, usually on the other side of the camera, we hardly ever are on the pictures ourselves.  Today I have decided to change the first part of the equation and take a few shoots of my partner.  Maybe sometime soon I will be lucky enough to be photographed myself, or even altogether with him;)  Fingers crossed! Man (Custom) bokeh (Custom) face (Custom) moody (Custom) fashion (Custom) rough (Custom) emo (Custom)

Arli Kate China

Today I edited some shoots I took last September in China.  The aim of out trip was not photography related, however I could not help myself and pose my colleagues here and there on some occasions – especially that Chinese settings are very magical.  Maybe sometime soon I will post some travel photography from that trip also. a-1 a-2 a-3 a-4 a-5 a-6 a-7 a-8 a-9 a-10 a-11 a-12


Fallen Angel…with a cat!

This time I have decided to play a bit with props.  I designed my very own background made with feathers – and idea I got from CreativeLIVE. I dressed my model in jeans, black top and feather wings. I was looking forward to do some rough photographs with an edge…but my model really loved my new kitty, so we incorporated him in the scene. At the end you can see that he was not all that happy with our idea! 😉

_DSC3768_DSC3765_DSC3896 _DSC3897

_DSC3909_DSC3784a _DSC3812_DSC3816_DSC3754 _DSC3746_DSC3750_DSC3760 _DSC3744

Joanna and Bartek’s wedding

Weddings are magical and special. Two people who are getting married feel the mixture of happiness and excitement and are a bit anxious whether everything is going to work as planned. And then there is an expression on the face of the other half when the young couple first see one another on the wedding day, and they know that whatever happens, nothing is going to spoil them their time.

Today I am sharing with you photos from the wedding which was super special for me personally, as that was a wedding of two of my good friends. You might remember Joanna from the time when she was preparing a photo calendar for her fiance last year. Today you are going to see her in a beautiful white dress, besides her husband.

wedding 1 wedding 2 wedding 3wedding 4 wedding 5 wedding 6 wedding 7 wedding 8 wedding 9 wedding 10 wedding 11 wedding 12 wedding 13 wedding 14