AutumnWinter 14/15 Fashion Show by #Aymee Charlton. at #Seventeen in Aberdeen

Well, the title says its all. Or almost all. The Fashion Show had a place on 17 July 2014 at Seventeen on Belmont Street, Aberdeen, and it was a huge success. Although it was mainly for family and friends, I am sure that Aymee Charlton, who is a RUG Gray’s School of Art graduate, would be more than happy to invite you to her workshop.


Fashion blogger

Recently I talked about some technical glitches I had with my blog; well, it seems this is a more global issue and had nothing to do with my IT skills.  Wordpress can’t manage, but I will not let that to put me off blogging any longer. Hence today’s post:)

Last week I had a chance to work with a fashion blogger, Angelika eM.  Angelika was looking for a photographer, who could capture her creations.  We went out on a freezing but sunny afternoon to Seaton Park in Aberdeen.  Thanks to the sun I was able to capture some mesmerizing sun flare on some of the photos; later overcast helped with beautiful portraits without harsh shadows.  Although I could not feel my fingers afterwards, it was totally worth it. Check it out!

Eva x

_DSC7829_DSC7910 _DSC7950 _DSC7964 _DSC7971 _DSC7987 _DSC8005 _DSC8181 _DSC8193 _DSC8227 _DSC8288

Mysterious woman with guitar

I absolutely love shooting themed photographs!  Costumes,  elaborate preps, mystical scenery…however sometimes one simple thing is enough.  Guitar is one of my favourite preps, and gives the shots simplicity, but at the same time this specific vibe.  Check for yourself!   _DSC0247 _DSC0340 _DSC0430 _DSC0467 _DSC0643 _DSC0678 _DSC0704 _DSC0732 _DSC0570 _DSC0605 _DSC0151 _DSC0557 _DSC0757 _DSC0788 _DSC0807 _DSC0856_DSC0880-Edit-2

Waiting to be found or Message in the bottle ♥

Today I present a themed couple’s shoot.  The idea behind was to show a little story how the two hearts met.

In the fiction world, one lost soul would write a note, lock it in the bottle, and gave it to the fate of the sea.  The right person would find the note, rescue the lonely heart, and everyone would live happily ever after.

Reality does not have to be that far off – it is just using different means…The message is sent electronically, and later the two people meet on a dry land.

The message in the bottle became a universal symbol of longines, willingness to be found by the right person, and hope.

The two you see on my pictures found themselves on time, so wish them good luck!

_DSC0913 _DSC1235-2 _DSC1213 _DSC0946 _DSC0929 _DSC0936 _DSC0952 _DSC1004 _DSC1011 _DSC1029 _DSC1034 _DSC1133 _DSC1121 _DSC1295

My Love

Sometimes in the pursuit of customers and business plans we forget to photograph our close ones and document time spent with them.  Also, usually on the other side of the camera, we hardly ever are on the pictures ourselves.  Today I have decided to change the first part of the equation and take a few shoots of my partner.  Maybe sometime soon I will be lucky enough to be photographed myself, or even altogether with him;)  Fingers crossed! Man (Custom) bokeh (Custom) face (Custom) moody (Custom) fashion (Custom) rough (Custom) emo (Custom)

Sensual Boudoir

There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman. I appreciate female beauty, moody light, and purity of the message behind the photograph.  The boudoir session I shot lats weekend was very special and holds a secret meaning for the model, but also for myself.  Hopefully you can read through the mystery.

_DSC4284-2 (2) _DSC4265 _DSC4204 _DSC4139 (2) _DSC4244 _DSC4248-2 _DSC4081 _DSC4110 _DSC4010 _DSC4258 (2) _DSC4220 _DSC4018 _DSC4151


Fallen Angel…with a cat!

This time I have decided to play a bit with props.  I designed my very own background made with feathers – and idea I got from CreativeLIVE. I dressed my model in jeans, black top and feather wings. I was looking forward to do some rough photographs with an edge…but my model really loved my new kitty, so we incorporated him in the scene. At the end you can see that he was not all that happy with our idea! 😉

_DSC3768_DSC3765_DSC3896 _DSC3897

_DSC3909_DSC3784a _DSC3812_DSC3816_DSC3754 _DSC3746_DSC3750_DSC3760 _DSC3744