A fun fun wedding!

Aleksandra and Grzegorz are a fun couple, and when we talked their wedding, they did not want cliche, posed photographs, but candid photographs during the ceremony and something joyful and crazy for their wedding session.  Therefore I dressed them in leathers and hats and shoot them at the graffiti background. Aleksandra also always dreamed about a beach wedding, and although Aberdeen’s weather is not exactly suited for it, we went down the Beach Esplanade to take a few shoots she could stick to her weeding album.  We had so much laugh making funny faces and jumping around! All the best you two! EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-21 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-42 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-76 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-83 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-107 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-134 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-147 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-160 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-174 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-165


It’s a baby boy!

Ula came in for her pregnancy photoshoot in April.  She came back this time to take some photographs of her baby boy.  He was the cutest!  Surprisingly, although he was just over 2 weeks old, he wouldn’t sleep at all, that’s why we don’t have any dreaming baby photos;)  He behaved well, his mum was surprised how little he cried while we changed him from position to position, look for yourself!_DSC7676 _DSC7325 _DSC7322 _DSC7302 _DSC7270 f _DSC7356 _DSC7757 _DSC7751 _DSC7735 _DSC7711 l

Super Baby!

Super Baby! is a pregnancy session I had with Joanna awaiting her baby girl Zuzia. There is something for speedway fans from Poland in here;)

Joanna and I met a few months later to shoot her newborn; today I will just show you one photo of this beautiful toddler, the rest will come soon – stay tuned!zuzia _DSC5812_DSC6064 _DSC6049 _DSC6045 _DSC6030 _DSC6024 _DSC6016super baby