A fun fun wedding!

Aleksandra and Grzegorz are a fun couple, and when we talked their wedding, they did not want cliche, posed photographs, but candid photographs during the ceremony and something joyful and crazy for their wedding session.  Therefore I dressed them in leathers and hats and shoot them at the graffiti background. Aleksandra also always dreamed about a beach wedding, and although Aberdeen’s weather is not exactly suited for it, we went down the Beach Esplanade to take a few shoots she could stick to her weeding album.  We had so much laugh making funny faces and jumping around! All the best you two! EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-21 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-42 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-76 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-83 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-107 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-134 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-147 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-160 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-174 EvaCzerwinskaPhotography-165


Boat Race 2014

Over the past year I developed a new liking towards sport photography.  I covered a few games for Youth Football Scotland, a box night in the Beach Ballroom, and last Saturday – a boat race.  Rowing proved to be least dynamic and diverse from all those sports, but nevertheless still amazing to watch, especially after observing emotional reactions of participants and viewers.  You will be able to see for yourself, as I captured a moment when one of the winners was thrown to ice-cold water by her team mates, and she was later hugged by her ecstatic mum!

BoatRace2014_-33 BoatRace2014_-23 BoatRace2014_-24 BoatRace2014_-25 BoatRace2014_-26 BoatRace2014_-27 BoatRace2014_-28 BoatRace2014_-29 BoatRace2014_-30 BoatRace2014_-31 BoatRace2014_-32 BoatRace2014_-34 BoatRace2014_-22 BoatRace2014_ BoatRace2014_-2 BoatRace2014_-3 BoatRace2014_-4 BoatRace2014_-5 BoatRace2014_-6 BoatRace2014_-9 BoatRace2014_-10 BoatRace2014_-11 BoatRace2014_-12 BoatRace2014_-13 BoatRace2014_-14 BoatRace2014_-15 BoatRace2014_-16 BoatRace2014_-17 BoatRace2014_-18 BoatRace2014_-19 BoatRace2014_-20 BoatRace2014_-21

Waiting to be found or Message in the bottle ♥

Today I present a themed couple’s shoot.  The idea behind was to show a little story how the two hearts met.

In the fiction world, one lost soul would write a note, lock it in the bottle, and gave it to the fate of the sea.  The right person would find the note, rescue the lonely heart, and everyone would live happily ever after.

Reality does not have to be that far off – it is just using different means…The message is sent electronically, and later the two people meet on a dry land.

The message in the bottle became a universal symbol of longines, willingness to be found by the right person, and hope.

The two you see on my pictures found themselves on time, so wish them good luck!

_DSC0913 _DSC1235-2 _DSC1213 _DSC0946 _DSC0929 _DSC0936 _DSC0952 _DSC1004 _DSC1011 _DSC1029 _DSC1034 _DSC1133 _DSC1121 _DSC1295


The moment when the sun comes out, the flowers blossom, and birds chirp, we are happier, feel better, and in my case – I always want to grab my camera and go out and shoot:)  So during last couple of walks in sunny Aberdeen I took some photographs I would like to share with you now.  Aberdeen Beach bulevard Aberdeen beach Beach Bulevard blossom flowers dramatic look

Aberdeen winter portrait photography

If you are from Aberdeen, you know that our winter is kinda ugly. It lacks Scandinavian beautiful soft snow and the rain makes sure you want to stay in bed all day. The wind seems to be getting into smallest slits and gives impression that it is much colder than the thermometer shows. However if you actually make an effort to get out there, you can notice that the sun has a nice coldish glow, high waves are foaming in an impressive way (provided that the wind haven’t blown you off the beach;) ), and it is not bad at all. Apart of my fingers freezing to my camera…;)

Big thank you to Paula for her stamina. She booked her session with me when the weather in Aberdeen improved for the winter and despite that the morning of the shoot it snowed she still decided to go ahead with our plans.

_DSC3310 _DSC3317 _DSC3355 _DSC3362 _DSC3364 _DSC3388 _DSC3395 _DSC3460 _DSC3505 _DSC3576 _DSC3589 _DSC3608 _DSC3649

The Catcher in the Reed

Beach vistas are really picturesque, especially at dawns and sunsets, however landscape photography is something I hardly do any more. I still like to incorporate it in my portraiture though. Therefore while enjoying my holidays in Poland I could not resist those beautiful moments of setting the sun and asked M. to pose for me. The evening was nice and warm, adding to climate of our undertaking. The downside of the story were countless mosquitoes who were disturbing my model to stand still and myself from holding my camera without shaking those monsters off! Thus a small tip for you if you go to the seashore – take an anti-mosquito repellent and a cream to ease your itching afterwards, as surely you won’t avoid them all!

Fifty is sexy!

I always had a feeling that middle age women are unappreciated. Advertisements for this target group focuses mainly on round-the-house products, treating them as a collective noun of a “family”, or points out their wrinkles and bellies, and photographers omit them altogether, focusing only on young girls, whom they still Photoshop despite their nice figures. However women 40+ are the ones who are willing to spend the most on themselves, as they have the sources and the kids are already bit grown. Also, they pay more attention to what they wear, as cheap tops don’t satisfy their sublime tastes, and can afford expensive spas to help them feel better. And only if we paid more attention to them we would notice that fifty is sexy! The experience makes them confident and realise their value. So help me to spread the word, that mature women are beautiful, and praise them!